ASIC Transcripts & Commentary

ASIC Transcripts & Commentary

ASIC Conversation:

I spoke to an ASIC employee. Below are basic notes. (I have indicated how many minutes into the Audio.)


“Look for Breach of law or misconduct

We can look at the national credit code ”

5 mins.                  “ANZ bank Risk modelling, they base profit margin

Formula, so precious to them. proprietary information, They will not give it to you, worth millions, have to take you to court,”

7 min.                    “Why do want the form? oh ok”

9 mins                   Lots of intrusive questions

Wanted to know all details of default. “I need to know all these things”

11 mins                 Wanted to know about solicitor and other parties who […] Read more

Submission to Royal Commission

Submission to Royal Commission


Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.


I wish to make further submissions about issues addressed in the Interim Report and some issues that were not addressed that I believe should be addressed before the Final Report is completed. I have posed a series of questions and recommendations about areas of concern.


There is a history of banking crisis in Australia and around the world and they have devastating impacts on economies. They occur regularly every few decades following pressure from the Banks to deregulate. Will the Royal Commission (RC) address this reoccurring problem with cyclical criminal […] Read more